Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tip to determine the proper Trading time and best

The Forex market is generally open 24 hours in the day up to 5 days in a week. This is the period of time which can be said to be very long. Even the forex market also arguably, without rest and always open. For traders themselves, this is certainly very fun because they get a chance to double the amount of profits without limit and at any time. So trading activity must not collide with time to relax or work in your Office.

However, as the market in General, the forex market is not crowded all the time. For it is a time where lively trading activity, but there are also time trading activity is quiet even though the forex market remains open. Generally the more lively trading in the forex market, the chance to gain an advantage would be the greater. Instead the more deserted the market, then the chance of profit will be less and less. In doing so, information about forex trading right of reply time is very important. Where you can adjust the time between characters with forex trading trading strategies. It aims to ensure that you get the most out of your trading activity on each.

Time and hours of the Forex market

Generally the time forex trading itself is divided into 3 parts. In this explanation of forex market hours zones used within jakarta/Indonesia – GMT + 7 include:

  • The European market, are starting to open from 14.00 PM to 22.00 pm. At the time the trade is done at the financial centers that exist in Europe, such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The European market has the largest trading sessions, among which about 36 percent of the total world trade. The European Market is arguably the most crowded market. There are so many rich businessmen in the world who conduct transactions at this time.
  • The Asian market, starting to open from 04.00 PM to 14.00 GMT. There are two popular markets, namely China's Markets opened starting at 7.00 pm and the Tokyo Market opens at 06.00 pm. Most traders in Indonesia who conduct trading through Asian markets. Because the Asian markets have had a share of 21% to the total trade trade in the world.
  • The American market, opened at 19:00 until 03.00. Forex trading activity reached a maximum level at the moment the clock trafing in Newyork on opening, it also when the US Bank has already started to work. Trade on the American market alone is enough reason to have potential percentage of 19% to the total trade in the world.

Tips To Determine The Best Forex Trading Time

There are some tips that you can use to determine the best day for trading, among them:

  • If you have decided for trading on any market, we recommend that you select a time when the central market. Don't forget, every market has a lively hour. That way, you have the opportunity to grab a great benefit by using the price movement rapidly.
  • Busiest day in trading markets generally at mid week, on Wednesday and Thursday as well. These days have very active price movement, thus allowing you to obtain the potential benefit is great. For that, you can trade in the day.
  • Use the time overlapping which occurs between the European and American market, because at that time the high price volatility and liquidity, with so you can gain maximum profit.

That's a couple of tips to determine the best day for trading forex, may be useful!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This 3 mistakes that Limit your profits

Angap alone you can already earn a profit consistently and had graduated from Breakeven trader. Now saatnhya You trying to increase profit, because you know that your skills will be able to exceed what you already are doing at the moment. But in fact there are 3 things that limit your profits, among them:

1. The inability of market Conditions

To be able to maximize your profit to changes in market price, then you have to be more flexible as well as find out about how to set up the position when there is a change of the price movement. In this case, you cannot expect a big movement while low volatility conditions, as well as middle market conditions experienced sideways. It is certainly not going to go well. You must have strong reasons against what was expected and continues to plan the appropriate trading market conditions. For that, you must berdaptasi and adjust the market condition, not against the market conditions.

2. Position Size Mismatch

Errors that limit your Profit next is mismatch position size. Position sizing is the key element of risk management, which can distinguish between just acquire a small profit and gain a large profit. In these conditions, in addition to setting the reward or risk, you also need to know the time for trading on large lot size and time should do on tradeing a small lot size, in other words you have to be able to manage the position size.

When the market moves based on the direction of the predictions, and systems of trading you have hinted the signal through a high probability and potential reward is great, for it is the most appropriate moment increases the risk. In blackjack games, usually it is like you are betting with a number of great value when the card is in favour of yourself. But instead when you see the presence of uncertainty as when you're trading when the fundamental news release as well as the potential reward is not sure, then you can reduce the occurrence of risks by means of narrowing the trading lot.

3. Fear

Sign in with a buy when the price has gone up, or otherwise enter sell when the price falls will certainly make trading in accordance with the event or the momentum that is being etrjadi, but there is a drawback. In this case, you do not get the sell or buy prices are nice, especially when the movement of the ups and downs of the price can be said strongly enough. Generally you will enter a price level that reverses direction-prone. In this State, you may experience doubt and fear, with such a position you be not optimal. How trading like this is called also with chasing the market or hunt down the market.

The third factor which limits the profit above the obligatory note per trader. Although you may have been able to generate profit with routine from trading forex, however, does not mean it should be stopped to perform a variety of improvements.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The best price forex with motion buy and sell indicator

The best price forex worth motion buy and sell indicator-shift idea ratio worth motion evaluation. There is a new kind of technical evaluation available to buy and sell forex markets. It is known as shift idea and this new approach is based on shift ratios that break down the three important types of graphic circumstances:

- Unequal markets
- Raising trend Markets
- Market trends

What makes the relationship of ideas of change is to pay attention to vital knowledge and ignores the information that is responsible for false alerts and noise. The strategy of buying and selling Price action trading forex change idea works higher than another type of technical assessment as a result of focusing on the science of value assessment. Most of the technical assessment at the moment focuses on the closing value as the main piece of information that is analyzed.

The main situation with that is the closing value is a changed goal. A bit the traders do not understand that the indicators are nothing more than the measuring instruments and so they must be handled that way. In relation to the measurement value you want constant knowledge to get a correct study. I like to use an instance of trying the weight of your car on a forex price scale. If you happen to keep jumping around when you try to weigh your self then it is almost imposeable to get a correct study. That's precisely what the closing value does. It modifies every time there can be a tick up or down and that changes the study of most of the indicators and that ends up in a lot of noise and fake buying and selling alerts.

Buying and selling relationships depend on the simple information of market developments. Some examples are:

- Costs on a chart can only go bigger in case they make a new excessive mark.
- Costs on a chart can only go to decrease in the case that they make a new bass.
- Unequal markets have bars that have overlapping quotas.

As a distributor, ideas-change relationships are a wonderful device to keep disciplined traders and adhere to the rules of buying and selling sound. As an instance we will load the study and the indications shift ratios give in three kinds of market circumstances:

- Unequal
- Trends
- Downward trend

Price forex worth motion buy and sell indicator

When market circumstances are uneven, the relationship of internal change is the plot that measures that type of market situation. What makes the internal change ratio is to measure forex price the current bar part that overlaps the previous bar. All unequal markets have an excessive proportion of bars that overlap each other. It is simple to see in a graph however most indicators simply cannot measure this type of situation as a result of which they are based mainly on the closing value.

If the market is rising from trend, then the higher rate of change is the indicator that measures that type of value change. In the trends of the bar markets in a chart should be making higher peaks and that could be an indisputable fact about changing upmarkets.

Along downstream markets, the ratio of decreasing change is the indicator that measures the power of the descending pattern. This, once again, is based on the indisputable fact that the downward markets should diminish the minimums in order to diminish.

Ultimately, these work strategies and testing is inside the test again. A dirty secret Many indicators have is that they actually don't work and that's the reason why no person is prepared to point out the test results again. So if you want to discover one of the best forex buying and selling indicator you then want to check the change of ideas relationship. If you need constant and confirmed results, then as traders it is essential to give attention to the vital knowledge and ignore the information that is responsible for sign noise and forex price lag.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The formation of profitable thinking

4 simple steps to set thinking that profitable in the field of currency

It is important for a person to establish a cost-effective way of thinking when they were about to plunge into the world of Forex trading. Therefore, your business success is determined mentality and habits that are constructed from the psychological aspect. The process is not a moment, but the perseverance that rises from the outset no doubt will give results sweets at the end of the day.

Here are 4 simple steps to build a profitable mentality when cultivating the currency field.

1. have a clear and realistic expectations

Many thought that the opening of the foreign exchange market should begin with the departure of the work that is carried out. In fact, Forex trading can be done in the time spare and can be programmed according to your daily routine. Other excessive expectations that often make people in the currency world is often open trade or position and apply the leverage is too high. We recommend that you use for the first time the funds mainly for beginners who do not have employment as a test and realize that each separate real trading position.

2. continue to exercise discipline and patience

Obstacles complicating their owners when the trade is impatient and difficult discipline. In fact, these two habits that will assist in the formation of a cost-effective way of thinking. If you are already an operator with experience and has a high flying hours, will not be difficult to find the right way to Trade Forex with abundant results without having practiced many times. Operate within the framework of current-time a day, giving priority to quality over quantity, and the use of the discipline and patience are the keys to success in the world of Forex.

3. Mengenalisis market and integrated Plan

The next step that is always integrated mentality is analyzing the Forex market and create an integrated plan. In fact, you must do so before the opening of negotiating positions. Learn about the development of the market will help predict future circumstances, although it may not be reliable at 100%. The reason is, the more mature plan you make, the greater the benefits obtained from the company. Do not hesitate to point out that the important analysis, and trade in the foreign exchange market.

4. no doubt already selected method

Experienced traders advise beginners do not carry genuine if you have not found an appropriate method of negotiation. A small mistake will make that you failures in the foreign exchange market. Doubts that normally inhibits the starter motor it will be difficult for them and even formed negative thought patterns. To find the correct method, you can create a demo account first. Then, while establishing a cost-effective way of thinking, starting operations with small nominal advance to avoid the possibility of failure or loss there.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Most Common Mistakes When Investing in Forex

What are the most frequent mistakes when investing in Forex?

The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the most frequent mistakes traders make when they start investing in Forex. If you are starting to invest in the currency market or are thinking about doing so in the short or medium term it is highly recommended that you learn before the mistakes that have already committed many others who have tried before you and study these errors and try to Avoid them.

Among the main mistakes that can lead to the downfall of any trader's adventure and the loss of his capital are the following:

Operate without a plan

Many traders, despite putting their money at risk, operate without a trading plan and without developing an investment strategy that works for them and that can be optimized based on the experience they are getting. This way of operating without a defined course about its investment more to a matter of chance than to construct a true method that can give a reasonable and sustainable result in the time.

When you start investing in Forex, it is imperative that you gradually build your trading plan. To achieve this, you must progressively acquire the basic knowledge you need, evaluate the strategy that can best fit your risk profile and economic capacity, define objectives and create a control (for example, making a trading journal) of all the operations you perform . This way you can analyze the results you are getting and optimize your own forex strategy. This work may seem complicated but as soon as you begin to do it with discipline you will see that it is not so much and the alternative is probably to finish rashly with your capital and without any idea about what has worked or what has failed.

Operate conditioned by emotions

Another of the most common trading mistakes is when it is your emotions that condition the operations you perform. It is difficult to separate the emotions when you are investing but it is key to do so in order to be successful. Euphoria or fear are the worst trader friends. A sense of euphoria may be the prelude to a great loss by keeping a winning operation open for longer than necessary. A succession of winning trades also tends to act with overconfidence that can be harmful. On the other hand, being paralyzed by the fear of losing and not opening positions, closing them ahead of time or not assuming a reasonable risk will make you lose good chances of making a profit.

That is why the previous point, your trading plan, once you have a defined strategy you must isolate yourself from the emotions and operate according to your strategy by opening and closing positions according to the established plan. Many traders are successful trading through automatic trading systems (Forex robots) in which trades are executed automatically based on a series of previously programmed parameters. This way the strategy can be optimized but it will not be affected by the emotions.

Lack of knowledge

Many traders also start investing without the right minimum knowledge. You will not learn everything before you start investing but if it is good that you have a solid base to know what you are doing and to be able to optimize your trading strategy. Today the great advantage is that on the Internet you can find a lot of training material to learn to invest in Forex from the most basic to the most advanced: manuals, forex courses, videos, investment strategies, trading signals,

Many of the online brokers also provide their customers ebooks, organize courses, face-to-face seminars or webminarios through the Internet. You have an infinite number of free materials to build a good knowledge base and you also have at your disposal a large community of users who can solve your doubts in forex forums, blogs, social networks.

Use too much pressure

One of the most attractive tools for a beginning trader (usually with little capital available) is usually leverage. Thanks to this functionality that varies according to each broker and each financial instrument in which you are going to invest, you can start to open operations with small amounts of money that you deposit as collateral while operating in the market with a much higher amount. For example, let's say a 1: 500 leverage in which for every euro you deposit as collateral you can trade and get profits generated by 500 euros (with 100 euros deposited you can get the benefits of operating with 50,000 euros).

It sounds good, right ?, it would be difficult to get a reasonable profit in Forex without leverage and you would need high capital available but it is not all advantages: leverage, if the position advances in your favor can generate important benefits, but also carries a greater risk And can generate considerable losses if you do not hit and the position moves against you. Therefore eye with the leverage to use, do not get carried away by aggressive levels offered by many brokers, be prudent and use it head with the right balance between benefit and risk.

Have unrealistic expectations

While it may seem obvious to think that investing in Forex is not going to generate huge profits with minimum capital, many traders start investing thinking that they can convert € 100 into € 10,000 in a few weeks. Many times the advertising used by some brokers online tends to convey that investing in Forex is very simple, do not need capital and experience is not required. These are misconceptions. Investing in Forex is simple: you can open an account with a broker in a matter of minutes, access the trading platform from your home or from your mobile and open positions quickly but from there to generate profits there is a good stretch. If you do accounts you will see that it is difficult to achieve considerable profits with little capital or at least get it without incurring a very high risk that can end your capital in a matter of seconds if you are wrong.

Investasi Menarik Tentang Forex requires not falling into these mistakes and doing things right: be disciplined, realistic, isolate yourself from the emotions, set goals and have a trading plan, manage a risk ratio - reasonable profit, risk only a small Part of your available capital in each operation and analyze and optimize your strategy based on the experience you are getting.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What are the advantages of doing Forex trading?

The Forex currency market is the largest financial market in the world and attracts more and more investors from all over the world. In this article we will analyze what are the main reasons for this growth and what are the advantages that you can take advantage of by doing Forex trading:

- Schedules

The schedule of the Forex market is one of its main attractions. As the phrase in the famous movie Wall Street says: "Money never sleeps," in Forex is fully realized as it is an active market 24 hours a day where there are always moves.

Due to the different time zones, whether it is 11am or 11pm, somewhere in the world, there are always buyers and sellers negotiating with currency pairs. (See article Best Forex Pairs to Invest in Forex).

While it is true, there are moments of greater movement coinciding with the 3 main trading sessions (Europe, Asia and the United States) and others with less that can be less advisable like the weekends. (See article Time to invest in Forex).

The flexibility of Forex schedules allows you to perfectly combine both your learning and your work as a trader with your current professional activity and do not need a dedication. This is more complicated when investing in stocks, indexes, since the sessions, for most people, usually coincide with their working day.

The fact that there are no session closures also results in gaps or price gaps being avoided at the next opening in the event of significant news in the hours that the market is closed.

- Liquidity

Forex is also the most liquid financial market in which more than 5 trillion is traded daily. It is a strong growth market in which it is very easy to enter and exit at any time.

This does not always happen in markets with lower liquidity, such as in the case of stocks. At certain times, you may want to sell a stock and find no buyer or vice versa. In Forex there are always buyers and sellers to act as counterparts to your trades, especially in the major currency pairs.

- Transparency and Security

Manipulation in a market as large as that of foreign exchange is almost impossible.

Any investor, however large, can not significantly influence the price of a currency. Even the relevant decisions of a central bank (which occur infrequently) can affect a currency in a timely manner but after a time will tend to stabilize in the direction taken by the majority of investors.

On the contrary, in the case of company stock prices may become adulterated or "inflated" without the knowledge of the investors, company balance sheets that give an image of the situation of the positive company may have been manipulated or "made up" From one moment to another the real situation is discovered and the stock price can sink, shareholders panic and everyone wants to sell without anyone wanting to buy so that the shares you have may not be worth nothing.

In Forex there is no systemic risk, nor does a currency disappear from day to day, which is why it is one of the safest markets in the world.

- Information to make trading decisions

In the case of investing in shares of a company you must be aware of and follow numerous factors: company balance sheets, presentation of results, changes in management team, situation of competing companies, important news in the sector, changes in strategy The company, important business operations achieved or failed, capital increases, entry or exit of important shareholders.

Much information is needed to make proper trading decisions and the worst thing is that this information does not reach all investors at the same time on equal terms. In many cases there is the exchange of privileged information between managers, main shareholders, who know the situation and important changes that affect the company before the rest.

On the other hand, in the Forex currency market virtually all the news reaches all at the same time, whether big investors, financial institutions, brokers to retail investors. The information you must follow to make your trading decisions about one or several currency pairs is much smaller.

Having a good economic calendar on hand is the best option to keep abreast of this type of news. We recommend that you focus especially on the most relevant ones as there are others throughout the day that will hardly have an impact on prices.

- Opportunities for profit

Although a certain currency is down, there are always opportunities to obtain profits in other currencies or in the same currency trading in the opposite direction.

In Forex you can make profits whether the price of a currency pair goes up or down. If you think the price is going up you can open a purchase position to close it later with a sale (go in long) but if you think the price is going down you can open a sale position to close it later with a purchase in short).

Buy cheap and sell expensive by going long or sell expensive and buy cheap by going short is the goal of the millions of participants in the Forex market. You have many currency pairs in which you can do trading and if you strive to learn and are disciplined you can get significant benefits in the currency market.

- Low Cost

Starting to invest in the Forex market does not require a high capital. You will need to open an account with an online broker who will act as an intermediary in the transactions you carry out. Today most brokers do not demand high initial deposits to open a trading account. You can take a look at this comparative table of brokers and as you can see there are asking for 100 € / 100 $ or even up to 1 $ to start investing.

Many brokers even offer welcome bonuses that increase your account balance by a certain percentage depending on the initial deposit you make: Brokers with Bonuses per Deposit

The Forex market is one of the financial markets with lower cost per operation. Most brokers apply their commissions mainly through a spread, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. Being a market with a great liquidity this spread tends to be narrowed by supply and demand. Even the larger trading pairs have much lower spreads than less-traded or exotic pairs.

In addition you have a higher leverage for the foreign exchange market than for example that usually offered in shares. This way you can open a position with much more money than you have in your trading account and providing only a small part of capital as collateral. This allows you to maximize your profits but also requires caution as your level of risk also increases in the same proportion.

- Easy to learn and operate

Another great advantage of the Forex market is that you can learn and operate from anywhere in the world simply with an internet connection and a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. The flexibility is total. That's why this market is so attractive to retail traders and growing day by day.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information to learn to invest, investment strategies, training material, although I anticipate that the most important thing is practice. And the best way to practice is to choose a serious and professional broker forex terbaik di dunia, which is regulated by some demanding body, and open a demo account that will allow you to perform test operations with the same conditions as a real account but without jeopardizing your money.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to use a demo account to learn how to trade?

In trading, in addition to the opportunity to obtain benefits with very low costs, one of the main advantages is the facility for anyone to learn how to invest without putting your money at risk from the outset. This is due to the existence of demo accounts.

What is a demo account?

A demo account is a type of trading account, offered by most online brokers (Demo Account Brokers), so you can test the investment platform and make trades with the same trading conditions as in a real account but with money Virtual, that is, without putting your capital at risk. Both the winnings and the losses in a demo account apply to a virtual balance that you have available since the opening of the account.

The demo trading account is also the most advisable way to learn how to invest since you can use it to analyze the market and build your investment strategy. Through the tests you do in demo you can build your own trading system to make it profitable, learning from mistakes and successes, without putting your money at stake.

A frequent mistake of many traders is to start directly with an account with real money or to start with the demo but to move in a rush to the real one without practicing enough. This will make you not clear how and when to operate and end up losing your money much faster than you think.

One thing you should understand from the beginning is that trading is not a game of chance. It is not a matter of "guessing" by intuition in which direction the market is going to move but requires training, experience, discipline and effort. With a demo account you will not invest your money from the first moment but you will have to invest your time and be patient. If you are willing to work to become a profitable trader then we will see what is the correct way to learn to invest with a demo account.

What is the proper way to trade in a demo account?

Based on our experience, these are the 3 main factors to learn correctly to do trading through a demo account:

1. Take the demo account as if it were a real account

The most important recommendation for you to learn how to invest correctly with a demo account is to take the operations you perform as if you were trading on a real account with your own money. Try to forget that the balance of the demo account is virtual and that nothing happens if you lose it. If you would not like to lose your money in a real account then try not to lose it also in demo.

Do operations without control, take on too many risks, open positions without trying to build and debug your own trading strategy, not analyze what works and what not, are the most common mistakes that can end the balance of your demo account quickly , Or worse, take you to waste your time without learning anything and create bad habits that you can repeat in a real account.

Acting with discipline is key. Try to put you in the position that it is your money that is in irrigation and will help you make your decisions with greater caution. When you still do not have the knowledge, the experience and a strategy that has given you a good result, it is always preferable that you try to learn and not "bust" the demo account that try to get great results without knowing how and most likely assuming a risk very high.

2. Open the demo account with an appropriate size

Some online brokers offer their demo accounts with a default balance that can not be changed and others allow you to choose the amount of virtual balance available in your demo account. It is advisable that your demo account has a balance as close as possible to the balance that you would be able to invest in a real account. If the broker does not allow to choose the balance because it tries to count only with a part of the virtual balance similar to the one that would have available in your real account.

If in the demo account you handle for example € 100,000 and then your real account you would only open it with € 1,000, the operations you carry out are not going to be the same size, the risk level will also be different, the impact of the losses or benefits on The balance will also be different and all this will condition the trading decisions you make. If the balances you use in the demo account are similar to those you would use in a real account, it will be much easier to use the same strategies with the possibility of obtaining similar results, control the risks in the same way and take the demo account of one More serious, as discussed in point 1.

3. Unhurried

Do not try to rush into a real account. Try to learn and get good results in the demo account and on a sustained basis over time. So important is that your trading system is profitable as it is consistent and you can make a profit in a sustainable way over time. If this does not happen in a demo account it is unlikely to happen in a real account.

Even if you take the demo as if it were a real account, the psychological pressure you will have on trading your own money will always be greater, mainly because of fear or greed. If the demo results are not yet adequate, you should act with patience, try to expand your knowledge and improve your trading strategy. Do not try to autoconvencerte and open the actual account if you are not ready.

Getting a good trading system is not impossible or extremely difficult, but it requires work, time and patience. Do not go crazy with the rush and do not try to compare yourself with other traders or with results that you can read on the Internet and that can perfectly be unreal. Achieving high returns in a short time is only possible by assuming high risks that can also kill your account in minutes. You have to develop your trading system little by little to make it profitable, a system that you feel comfortable with and that you can replicate perfectly in a real account.

In this comparative table you can see those brokers that we have analyzed and that offer a trading demo account : broker forex terpercaya dan teregulasi